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During this holiday our Law Firm is offering a Limited Special Discounted Rate of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as low as $598 saving you about $1,000 off our regular rate of $1,500 for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Our Holiday Special Law Firm fee discounted rate is the most affordable out of other law firms that we are aware of. Do not be fooled by "no money down" or "$0 to start" etc. Ask "what is the total Law Firm Attorneys fees I will be paying for a Bankruptcy". Many Law Firm charge as much as $2,000+ for a Chapter 7.

If you are overwhelmed by bills and debt, and if you are facing any of the following, we can help you. Call us today for a free no obligation consultation: 
creditors threatening you
wage garnishment
license suspended
car booted
debt problems, 
creditor harassment
parking tickets
payday loans
medical bills
want to clear up your credit,

We offer legal services in bankruptcy as well as non-bankruptcy alternatives that could better serve your individual case. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy we can advise you of both benefits of bankruptcy, the bankruptcy process, non-bankruptcy options, and we can help you to determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

Our Law Firm understands that you would not be contacting our office or even contemplating the possibility of bankruptcy if you were not already under considerable amount of embarrassment and stress involving your financial situation. We are sensitive to the fact that even contacting a Law Firm to inquire about bankruptcy as a possibility can be intimidating so we always do our best to respect your feelings and concerns when discussing your financial situation.

Our clients over the decades have told us about the relief they have felt in their life after bankruptcy, and how being free from constant creditor calls, legal threats and stress has changed their lives and helped them move forward with a fresh start. The first step is to contact our law firm to evaluate your personal or business financial situation and determine the best solution in your individual case. Let us help you resolve your debit issues to get back on your feet financially so we can help you with the tools necessary to help you start rebuilding your credit.
The bankruptcy laws were enacted for people just like you. Today’s economy has affected everyone. Our bankruptcy clients include doctors, lawyers, grandmothers, single mothers, people just like you. When your financial situation is out of control, you have the opportunity under federal bankruptcy laws for a fresh financial start. This is a big decision, and it is important that you understand the process, and all of the benefits and risks. Our legal team is committed to helping you resolve these issues quickly, confidentially and effectively.

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Yes we have Affordable payment plans and an Internet Special Rate. 

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy law firm legal fees are $1,500. However, we have a Holiday Internet Special: with Law Firm fee as low as *$598 saving you about  $1,000 from our regular rate $1500 for Chapter 7, not court fee.

Our Chapter 13 (re-payment plan) bankruptcy case can be filed with the court as low as paying your $310 court filing fee down payment. Your Chapter 13 Law Firm fees are spread out and included and paid in your monthly Trustee plan payments for the term of your plan and paid after your case is filed. Your monthly plan payments are set by the court after a intricate mathematical calculation determined by the radio of percentages of your debts, income, allowable expenses, etc. to fit your individual financial needs.  Since a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a 3 to 5 year plan, the fees are higher than in a Chapter 7. All Law Firms have a flat fee rate of $4,000 that the Court has approved for Chapter 13 Law Firm Flat Fee rate of $4,000. Our Law Firm and the majority of Law Firms adher to the Court Approved rate. Many Law Firms charge more than $4,000 for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This fee is spread out over the life of the bankruptcy.

HOW FAST CAN MY CASE BE FILED? Your case can be filed as soon as the very next day after you complete your Pre-Filing Requirements and pay your fees. It is up to you how fast your case can be filed by how quickly you complete your Pre-Filing Requirements.

BANKRUPTCY LAWS, CHAPTERS? WHICH CHAPTER IS BEST FOR ME?  Bankruptcy rules and regulations and laws are very complicated, serious, and change regularly. Only a licensed Attorney can understand the legal intricacies and current requirements necessary for a Bankruptcy. Our licensed experienced Attorneys will analyze your financial situation and provide you the benefits of each of the chapters in bankruptcy to determine which would be best for your particular situation. Only a licensed Attorney can provide legal advice and represent you at your court examination hearing.

COURT EXAMINATION HEARING?  Do I have a Court hearing? If we represent you, our Law Firm licensed Attorneys will be with you representing you at your Bankruptcy Court Hearing.  Yes, at your court examination hearing you will be sworn under oath and everything you say at the hearing will be tape-recorded. If you lie under oath at the hearing, you can go to jail and or be fined as much as $250,000. A prudent person would want to have their licensed Attorney next to them, so that they do not get confused and make a mistake that can result in them going to jail or being fined. Only a licensed Attorney licensed can represent a you (a debtor) at the Court Examination Hearing. 

WHAT IF I WAIT, WILL IT GET BETTER?  Contact us before your situation gets more serious, and increased debt collection litigation, if you are interested in discharging your debt. Creditors can garnish your wages and seize your bank accounts, etc.

STRICT RULES AND DEADLINES:In 2005 Congress enacted laws that make it very difficult and complicated to file for Bankruptcy. There are now many complex new rules and strict court procedures that must be complied with by strict deadlines. Filing for bankruptcy now also requires certain debt counseling from an accredited agency. If you are in danger of repossessions, wage garnishment, or are facing the threat of foreclosure, we offer legal services to help you get your financial difficulties under control.  We will assist you to get all the prerequisites of bankruptcy completed quickly so that you can get the relief you so badly need.

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I know the Court also charges a filing fee, are they different in Chapter 7 and chapter 13? In a Bankruptcy, you the debtor will be paying about three (3) different companies/entities for providing services to them. (1) The Law Firm, (2) the Court, and a (3) a course provider. Each entity (Court, Law Firms, Providers, etc.) controls and sets their own fees. Most Law Firms charge approximately $1,500 to $3,000 for legal fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our Law Firm fees for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are $1,500. However we have a Holiday Internet Special with Law Firm fees as low as $598.  The Court charges you a filing fee to file the Bankruptcy papers with their Court, they presently charge $335 to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with them, and $310 to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with them. Court also requires you to complete courses with court approved providers. Each provider charges different rates for their courses and services. The Law Firm provides you with a list of providers and their costs. The Law Firm has no control over what the Court charges or what the providers charge for their services. None of the fees the providers charge for their courses or services, nor the Court's $335 Filing Fee it charges to file a Bankruptcy are included in our Law Firm fees.  Our Law Firm fee does not include Court Filing fee nor providers fees. In addition, many of the other Law Firm's fees of the $3,000, $1,750 etc. also often do not include the Court's $335 Chapter 7 Court Filing fee, one needs to ask.  

Our firm provides personal legal services in filing for bankruptcy, including the chapter in which the majority of your unsecured consumer debt will be completely discharged - you will be free of it. We also can help you file chapter 13, a good option for those who do not qualify for chapter 7 due to too many assets or are above the median income to be eligible to file chapter 7. There are alternatives to bankruptcy that should be evaluated with regard to your case, as it may not be necessary for you to file for bankruptcy at all when another solution will resolve your problems.
At our Law Firm we will analyze your financial situation and advice you with regard to the different chapters of the Bankruptcy Code. We also advise you with regard to the bankruptcy exemptions and what property you will have a right to retain under Illinois state law in a Chapter 7. We can provide you with accurate information and help you avoid the making errors based upon common bankruptcy myths.

The Law Firm Attorneys must complete a complex  intricate bankruptcy means test by analyzing your income, finances and expenses including your last six months of income, paystubs, benefits, last 4 years of tax returns, bank statements etc. and must apply the detailed and complete Bankruptcy rules. Thereafter, the Law Firm Attorneys will complete an intricate and complex mathematical calculation after analyzing your complete financial documentation. This important Court requirement can only be completed after the client provides all their court required financial documentation. This must be completely accurate to determine your qualification of bankruptcy. 

Do I have to list my car, because I am keeping it? Debtor's get confused and falsely believe they have a choice in what they list in their bankruptcy. Not true, you are required by law to list all your assets and all your debt etc. regardless if you are surrendering and wiping it out in bankruptcy or not. However, having said that it does not mean that if you list a car that the Court is going to take it away from you. That is where most of the non-lawyers who falsely advise debtors in Bankruptcy can get a debtor thrown in jail for failing to disclose an assets etc. The Court requires you to disclose your expenses, assets, income etc. However, the licensed Attorney can analyze legal rules and apply legal exemption to protect your assets, i.e. your car etc. A non Attorney can not analyze or apply legal rules etc, that is a crime.  Law Firm will apply legal exemptions to protect your property. If you do not disclose you could face delays, a denial of your petition or even legal trouble if you fail to fully disclose all of your assets, and  our experienced licensed Attorneys will assist you with this process.

Our appointment and conversations with you are strictly confidential. Your friends and family need not know anything about your bankruptcy case if you should decide to file a bankruptcy. Our Law Offices handle all legal matters so when you arrive at our Firm no one will know the reason for your visit.  Once we meet with you we will assess your overall financial picture, to see whether a bankruptcy may help you in any way, or may be a viable option of solution for you that could resolve your financial problems with no need to file at all. The choice of whether or not to proceed is in your hands and you may be assured that there will be no pressure otherwise from our office. We look forward to a free initial consultation with our potential clients, in order to see if there is a way we can help them in trying financial times.
We offer legal services in bankruptcy as well as alternatives that could better serve your individual case. The first step is to contact our law firm to evaluate your personal or business financial situation and determine the best solution in your individual case.

You can be fined up to $500,000.00 and be imprisoned for up to 20 years for bankruptcy fraud if your paperwork omits, fails to disclose or is false, etc. Therefore you don't want a non attorney to prepare any legal documentation for you because they are committing a serious crime if they do. Only an Attorney can provide legal advise to you, only an attorney can prepare legal documents, and only an attorney can file legal documents with the court, and only an attorney represent you in court. Any non-lawyer who is offering legal advice on bankruptcy, explaining the bankruptcy process or offering to prepare your bankruptcy papers, or doing any of the above is committing a serious crime. When considering filing a legal bankruptcy with the federal court, it is irresponsible and dangerous to obtain advice and services from a non-lawyer. When they make an error in your case, you can face serious problems with the federal court you can . You will then have to wait 8 years later, because you can only file a Chapter 7 every 8 years. Don't take a chance by trying to save a buck by seeking advise from a non-law firm. 
 NON-LAWYER:If a non-lawyer is providing you advice on bankruptcy laws, rules or asking to prepare your Bankruptcy legal documentation trying to make a quick buck from you when then are not licensed Attorneys, contact the police, they may be committing the serious crime of unauthorized practice of law, by providing legal advice without a license which they can be arrested and put in jail. In addition, you are only allowed to file Bankruptcy every eight (8) years. Therefore, if you hire a non-lawyer, who may be uneducated with  only a high school degree to do your Bankruptcy, they can not represent you at your court hearing, and if they make a mistake, your Bankruptcy can be denied, you can be barred from filing another Bankruptcy, you can have assets taken away from you, you can get into serious legal problems, and you can be arrested and thrown in jail if you failed to disclose or misstate something on your Bankruptcy papers, and could be fined as much as $250,000.00. So do not take a chance with something as serious as a Bankruptcy, hire a licensed Attorney to do your Bankruptcy.   

We offer guidance to seek relief in debt relief, debt litigation, and collection defense. You are protected under federal consumer law from illegal collection practices, and if you are a victim of creditor harassment, you need a Law Firm that is aggressive in moving forward with legal action against a company that has violated your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

It is vital that you know how bankruptcy process and debt solutions can be resolved, and get your information from a trusted legal professional that is committed to your best interests.

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